Return shipping options

Return options:

Please send us a prepaid return label for your shipment (it has to be available in Canada) and email that label to us.

How product return works:

Product return can be requested once one of these conditions are met:

  1. Images were approved

  2. 7 calendar days have passed since the images were delivered and no edits were requested.

We retain products for 7 calendar days in case there's a need for a reshoot. If products have not been returned within 30 calendar days, they will be automatically donated with a prior notification.

Who pays for the return?

The costs for return shipping are covered by the client. You can provide us with a pre-paid label or we will generate one for you and issue an invoice after the products have been returned.

Important notes:

  • We accept re-shoot/retouching requests by Email or through the Design Infinity website chat within 5 business days from the time you receive the images. After 5 business days, we will send the products back to you and edits will no longer be accepted. Learn more about Revisions policy - Photography

  • Due to our policy, we hold the products up to 5 business days after the order has been completed to have an opportunity to reshoot the images if something went wrong. Unfortunately, we are not able to accept reshoot requests if we don’t have the actual product(s) in the studio.

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