What's our photography process?

01: Sign up & Submit an intake form

Sign up for the plan and access your account. From there you can find the intake form.

You’ll specify the project details and get a proposal containing a shot list, delivery address, turnaround time, and price.

02: Get your proposal

We'll review your form and ask more questions if needed. Once everything is clear, we'll send you a proposal containing the proposed shot list, project specifications, total price, and order turnaround time.

Here’s what a proposal looks like:

03: Send us your product & Pay your invoice

As soon as you accept the proposal, you can go ahead and ship us your products and pay your invoice. After shipping, please add the tracking number to your dashboard so we can make sure it gets to us.

We’ll start your shoot once we receive your product and payment.

Also, if you’re in Ottawa, you can arrange a drop-off or pick-up. Get in touch with us for arrangements.

Shipping options

04: We process your delivery

After getting your products, we'll confirm the total number of items delivered and make sure there are no extra questions. ‍ What questions? Sometimes, we receive fewer items than expected or we have to shoot more images than requested. So, we reach out to you to clarify the details and make changes if needed.

05: We take test shots (Optional step)

If you are a new client or have a complex order, we suggest ordering test shots. A test photoshoot is a great way to confirm guidelines, image quality, angles, lighting, and other details. It helps to align the imagery to your expectations. This is especially beneficial for orders with 20+ shots.

06: Did you pay your invoice?

Good news, we’re halfway there. Products are received and verified, test images are made and approved, and the invoice is sent to you. Once you make the payment, we move to the shooting stage. ‍

*We use Stripe so you can pay with all major Credit / Debit cards.

07: We shoot and retouch your photos

We start shooting your project the next business day since the payment is made. Order turnaround time is 8 business days, but it may be increased due to the high volume of orders in some locations. In such cases, we’ll inform you within the proposal. ‍ If you are in a hurry, you can always select a rush delivery option (twice as fast) for an additional 50% fee.

08: Approve the photos

Once we're done with the images, you will get a link to approve and download them. You can also request edits within 5 business days of receiving the link.

Images technical specs

09: Request revisions (Optional step)

All revision requests must be made within 5 business days after we receive the images. After 5 business days, all revisions will be paid. ‍ We take up to 2 business days to assess your request. We'll let you know if the edits can be made in retouching or need a reshoot, and if they are paid or free of charge. ‍ Retouching edits can take up to 3 business days. Reshoots might need the standard turnaround time of 8 business days.

Revisions policy - Photography

11: Return your products

Here we are. All done, reviewed, and approved. Now, you can request a product return by sending us a shipping label, creating a new one, or scheduling a pickup from our studio.

Return shipping options

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