Revisions policy - Photography

This policy only applies to photography done by Design Infinity

Each order includes 1 round of revisions. Make sure to provide clear directions in the form of a complete structured list of edits from everyone involved at once, including images with marked areas that need to be changed or improved.

We accept revisions that require reshooting through email or our website chat within 5 business days from the time the email was received and only if the actual products are in the studio. After 5 business days, the project is deemed completed, and reshoot requests will no longer be accepted.

We accept revisions that do not require reshooting within 5 business days from the time the email with completed images was received, even if we do not have the actual products in the studio.

After 5 business days from the time the order has been completed all revisions will be paid.

FREE revision cases:

  • Any revisions made due to Design Infinity's failure to follow any shooting/retouching directions and image specifications from the order form.

  • Any revisions made if the final images do not match the images Design Infinity previously shot/retouched.

  • Revisions made due to Design Infinity’s failure to follow the requested angles.

  • Matching the color based on carefully provided directions or references. Color matching means that Design Infinity will match the color of the image to the actual color of the product. Color matching is not equal to recoloring.

  • Changing reflections on shiny products, including jewelry and watches, if the final images do not match the examples provided.

  • Revisions made if the products have been shot upside down or any other severe errors.

  • Removal of a few folds/wrinkles or making it softer.

  • Decreasing the size of the image.

  • Decreasing the paddings of the image.

  • Changing the size, intensity, or color of the shadow.

  • Adding sharpness to the images. Please note that white products on white backgrounds may seem soft but in fact, they have the same sharpness as other images. This is an optical illusion caused by a lack of contrast between the product and the background.

  • Any changes in the task after the shoot/retouching has been started or the final images have been sent. Here are the most common changes: change of the angle or layout or adding a new angle, shadow removal, change of the background, increase image size, decrease paddings, add some props, etc.

  • Revisions made due to unclear directions from the client which were open to interpretation and assumption.

  • Any instructions or edits that haven’t been specified in the order form prior to the start of shooting/retouching.

  • Revisions made after the revision time frame has lapsed.

  • Recoloring the product.

  • Changing the shape of the items that have been shot on a mannequin or as a flat lay, if the examples with a specific shape of the item have not been specified before the work started.

  • Revisions based on the examples that haven’t been provided before beginning the work.

  • Revisions based on incorrect examples provided before the work has started. For example, the actual type/category or shape of the product doesn’t match the example provided.

  • Complete removal of all foldings/wrinkles if this hadn’t been specified “no wrinkles” in the order form.

  • Adding folds if the client specified “no wrinkles” in the order form.

  • Removing significant defects in the product that cannot be attributed to the quality of the images.

  • Changing reflections on the shiny products, including jewelry, watches, and belts, if the final images match the examples provided.

  • Revisions made to the final images, if the final images match the test shot provided by Design Infinity before proceeding with the whole order.

  • Revisions made if there weren't any specific requirements before Design Infinity began shooting or retouching.

If revisions require a reshoot it will take a standard order turnaround time, which is stated in the Design Infinity policy. Revisions that do not require reshooting take up to 3 business days.

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