Product delivery checklist

  • Create a shoot request and approve the proposal before shipping.

  • Check if your apparel has a proper size. (or similar properties for other products)

  • Include your Project ID* in the shipment.

  • Include multiples of the same item when delivering non-reusable products (i.e. beauty items, beverages).

  • Add “signature required” option in your delivery.

  • Include a return label inside your package.

  • Use shipping insurance**, especially for valuable goods.

  • Provide us with a tracking number for your package.

Important notes:

  • You get Project ID by email when the proposal is accepted.

  • You can protect your products against loss or damage during shipping by purchasing insurance from the carrier directly or from third-party insurers such as Route, Shippo, or Shipsurance. The decision to use shipping insurance depends on the value of the package and your willingness to risk completely losing a shipment.

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