♾️How do I submit requests?

We use Trello, a great project management tool to handle requests. You can type it out using the provided guidelines.

Some other common ways clients submit requests is by linking a Google docs, attaching some samples, or even by creating a brief video (for those that prefer not to write their requests out). In general, any method goes as long as it can be linked to Trello!

Here's what each group in your Trello board mean:

  • Backlog: This is where you will add all your requests. There's no limit on how many requests you can submit here. Don't forget that your requests will be processed based on the order you set here. The top one is the one we'll start processing first.

  • Active Requests: If you want us to work on a request straight away, just drag and drop the request into this group. By default, we'll automatically drag your top request from the Backlog into this group and start working on it ourselves. Once we're done, we'll mark it as "waiting for approval" before moving it to the "completed" group. Please note that you can only have one active request at a time.

  • Completed: Your requests are placed here once they are approved by you. All the final files will always stay here in case you need them in the future.

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